Accounts receivable managers are responsible for the collection of payments from clients on behalf of the company. They supervise a team of clerks and oversee the timely and accurate invoicing of customers and the handling of overdue payments according to the company’s policies.

Accounts Receivable Managers Job Description Template

We are looking for a result-driven accounts receivable manager to ensure the accurate invoicing of customers and the collection of payments on behalf of the company. The accounts receivable manager supervises the accounts receivable department and works closely with customers to ensure that payment deadlines are met.

To be successful as an accounts receivable manager, you should possess strong accounting skills and ensure the accuracy of the invoicing process. An outstanding accounts receivable manager should be able to ensure that customers pay their accounts on time to effectively strengthen the company’s financial position.

Accounts Receivable Manager Responsibilities:

  • Conducting credit checks on new and potential customers.
  • Implementing debt collection policies and regulations of the company.
  • Implementing deadlines for invoicing and payment collection.
  • Monitoring the invoicing and money collection processes.
  • Ensuring the timely collection of payments.
  • Negotiating with customers in cases when non-payment occurs.
  • Preparing monthly feedback reports on payment collections.
  • Keeping records of invoices, deposits, and all correspondence regarding payment collection.
  • Remaining informed of any legislative procedural training regarding debt collection.
  • Training and mentoring of staff members in the department.

Accounts Receivable Manager Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance.
  • At least 2 years of experience as accounts receivable manager or supervisor retail sales experience.
  • The ability to work accurately and independently.
  • Experience with accounting software such as Quickbooks and General Ledger and advanced knowledge of MS Excel.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • An eye for detail along with excellent analytical skills.
  • Excellent report writing skills.
  • Strong time and people management skills.