Candle Makers are responsible for operating candle dipping machines and hand-forming candles using manual dipping methods. They use their artistic and design skills to create custom candle designs and work to ensure all products conform to manufacturing standards.

Candle Maker Job Description Template

We are looking to hire an experienced Candle Maker to oversee our candle production facility. As a Candle Maker, you will be responsible for forming candles using a dipping frame or by operating a mechanical dipping rack. You may also be required to hand-form candles, create new patterns, and record production data.

To ensure success as a Candle Maker, you should have strong artistic skills, excellent hand-eye coordination, and in-depth knowledge of wax properties. A top-notch candle maker is both artistic and analytical, able to create both factory standard products and handmade designs.

Candle Maker Responsibilities:

  • Stringing candle wicks through a dipping frame according to standard specifications.
  • Selecting and preparing wax for dipping containers.
  • Pouring molten wax into dipping molds.
  • Dipping wicks by hand or with the aid of a dipping mechanism.
  • Trimming and dyeing candles to desired specifications.
  • Grading candles according to design, size, and color.
  • Creating new candle shapes and color designs.
  • Recording production data.

Candle Maker Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Previous experience as a Candle Maker.
  • In-depth knowledge of candle waxes and their properties including beeswax, palm wax, animal wax, and petroleum-derived waxes.
  • Excellent artistic skills.
  • Experience with hand-dipping techniques and machine dipping mechanisms.
  • Knowledge of dyeing techniques.
  • Basic knowledge of mechanical devices.
  • A good eye for color and design.
  • Ability to work with molten wax and large machinery.
  • Ability to stand for long periods.