DataStage developers handle enterprise-level data management and transfer solutions using IBM’s DataStage ETL interface. They ensure that data is extracted, transformed, and loaded correctly, and manage each stage of the ETL process to facilitate smooth transfers of large volumes of data from different sources to targets.

DataStage Developer Job Description Template

We are looking for a DataStage developer to design, build, and implement ETL solutions with IBM’s DataStage interface. In this role, you will create processes and frameworks in the DataStage platform to assist with the successful deployment and maintenance of ETL processes.

To ensure success as a DataStage developer, you should be skilled at applying ETL principles and practices, and be able to implement complex solutions to data transfer problems at an enterprise level. Ultimately, a top-notch DataStage developer will be able to apply their knowledge of the DataStage interface to a diverse range of cases.

DataStage Developer Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing and discussing briefs with key personnel assigned to projects.
  • Designing and building scalable DataStage solutions.
  • Configuring clustered and distributed scalable parallel environments.
  • Updating data within repositories, data marts, and data warehouses.
  • Assisting project leaders in determining project timelines and objectives.
  • Monitoring jobs and identifying bottlenecks in the data processing pipeline.
  • Testing and troubleshooting problems in ETL system designs and processes.
  • Improving existing ETL approaches and solutions used by the company.
  • Providing support to customers about issues relating to the storage, handling, and access of data.

DataStage Developer Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, or a similar field.
  • Demonstrable experience as a DataStage developer.
  • IBM DataStage certification or similar type of qualification.
  • Proficiency in SQL or another relevant coding language.
  • Experience or understanding of other ETL tools, such as Informatica, Oracle ETL, or Xplenty.
  • Knowledge of data modeling, database design, and the data warehousing ecosystem.
  • Skilled at the ideation, design, and deployment of DataStage solutions.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • The ability to work within a multidisciplinary team.