Fashion copywriters write creative articles on developments in the fashion and beauty industries. They form close working relationships with influencers in the fashion industry to ensure that readers are kept abreast of the latest developments and products available in the market.

When interviewing fashion copywriters, a top-notch candidate will demonstrate a great interest in fashion and write factually correct articles that showcase the latest fashion trends in an original way. Avoid candidates who lack punctuality and interpersonal skills.

Interview Questions for Fashion Copywriters

1. Which upcoming fashion brand do you think is worth watching in the future?

Provides insight into candidate’s knowledge of the developments in the fashion industry.

2. How will you ensure that you are not biased when writing a product review?

Reveals the applicant’s awareness of ethical responsibility and neutral approaches to products.

3. How will you engage both younger and more established clients in your writing?

Tests the candidate’s ability to adapt their writing to different target audiences.

4. A product featured in a promotion article you wrote is pulled from the market. What do you do?

Shows problem-solving skills and accountability for published information.

5. How would you convince a designer to give you exclusive access to their latest designs?

Shows the candidate’s interpersonal and networking skills.