A film editor removes rejected video content and fits pieces of film in sequence. Film editors work with cinematographers and sound editors to produce audiovisual content.

Film Editor Job Description Template

We are looking for a film editor to capture the vision of the director. The responsibilities of a film editor include assessing multiple hours of film, assembling footage, and meeting film deadlines.

To be successful as a film editor, you should demonstrate excellent time management skills, the ability to turn a vision into reality, and be highly artistic. Ultimately, a high-quality film editor should have exceptional video editing skills, a creative approach to problem-solving, and to be able to work long hours.

Film Editor Responsibilities:

  • Reading the scripts to understand the vision of the Director.
  • Visiting set locations during filming.
  • Reviewing footage and selecting scenes according to the vision.
  • Trimming segments of footage.
  • Collaborating with Sound Editors, Sound Effects Editors, and Cinematographers.
  • Making revisions as per the request of the Director.

Film Editor Requirements:

  • Bachelor of arts in film and television, media or related.
  • Previous industry experience.
  • Strong knowledge of editing tools, techniques, and software.
  • Must be familiar with camera equipment.
  • Critical and analytical skills.
  • Great patience and concentration.
  • Organizational and time management skills.