Mortgage brokers are financial experts who help clients acquire the right financing option for their mortgage. Mortgage brokers work closely with real estate agents and lenders to negotiate interest rates and payment options on behalf of their clients.

When interviewing mortgage brokers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate the ability to work independently, excellent negotiation skills, a trusting personality, and a passion for helping clients. Be wary of candidates with low networking and communication skills.

Interview Questions for Mortgage Brokers:

1. How do you determine which loan option is right for your clients?

Reveals more about the research ability and insight of the candidate.

2. How would you tell a client that you cannot help to fund an application?

Tests interpersonal skills.

3. Which loan products would you recommend to first-time buyers?

Assesses product knowledge.

4. What would your client need to apply for a mortgage?

Examines insight into the application process.

5. How would you acquire clients in an economic downturn?

Tests the candidate’s innovation and sales skills.