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Sitting Between the clear sunlight and endless vineyards, there lies the best kept secret of winemaking in the Tikveš Region…the Stobi Winery.

The Stobi Winery is surrounded by the remnants of the ancient town of Stobi, the largest and most famous archaeological site in the Republic of Macedonia dating back to 200 BC. This is the place that links the Mediterranean to the continental Balkan hinterlands, where countless Roman legions, crusading cavalries, Ottoman conquerors and World War armies have marched through the centuries. 

Today, this region of Macedonia represents the midpoint where the Old and the New World of wine meet in a blend of perfection. Located in an ultra-modern, urban building, the Stobi Winery is a proud witness to the ever-evolving wine traditions used in these regions all combined with modern cutting edge production techniques to produce wines of distinction. Signature Wines is proud to introduce this exciting new range of wines from the Stobi Winery into the UK and we welcome you to explore and discover new grape varieties from the yet-to-be discovered region of Tikveš, and the King of the Macedonia reds, the Vranec!

There are over 20 different grapes varieties grown in the Tikveš region, many indigenous, helping to produce wines like the Stobi Cuvée which offers an intriguing blend of local grapes R’kaciteli, Žilavka and Župljanka. Since this region also provides the perfect conditions to grow international grape varieties, we are also create a Rosé, Syrah and Petit Verdot Barrique alongside a single varietal Muscat Ottonel. Discover the taste of Macedonian Wine today and enjoy!

In the Heart of the Eastern Mediterranean

Macedonia is a small modern day country, landlocked in the central Balkan Peninsula of Southeast Europe, bordering Greece and Bulgaria.

The largest capital city is called Skopje and the country has a population of 2 million people. Declaring its independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1991, Macedonia is famous for its culture and historical heritages linked to Alexander the Great and the birth place of Mother Teresa. It is home to picturesque lakes, snow-capped mountains, beautiful national parks, modern cities, ancient ruins and museums.

And of course - the discovery of its best keep secret until now - its wine and local indigenous grape varieties.

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