Street sweeper operators are employed by street departments, public or private facilities, and residential developments, to ensure that streets and curbs are kept clean and free of obstructions. They operate specialized vehicles and gather refuse for collection. They are also required to perform minor maintenance on street sweeper vehicles.

Street Sweeper Operator Job Description Template

We are seeking a highly capable street sweeper operator to maintain the cleanliness and safety of our street network. Your duties will include driving specialized vehicles, operating vehicle controls and attachments, and gathering refuse and debris for collection. You may also be required to operate dump trucks, snowplows, and tractors.

To be successful as a street sweeper operator, you should possess advanced skills in operating street sweeping vehicles and equipment and demonstrate knowledge of safety regulations. Ultimately, a top-notch street sweeper operator is proactive, and dedicated to keeping the streets clean and safe.

Street Sweeper Operator Responsibilities:

  • Operating specialized vehicles, including street sweepers, dump trucks, snowplows, skid steer loaders, and tractors.
  • Filling the street sweeper’s water tanks and operating rotary brushes and water spray controls.
  • Exercising caution when operating in confined spaces and congested streets.
  • Clearing trash, debris, snow, and contaminants from streets and curbs.
  • Securely fastening vehicle attachments such as brush hogs and hydraulic hoses.
  • Maintaining street sweeper vehicles and equipment by performing standard checks.
  • Reporting any incidents or mechanical failures to management.
  • Adhering to traffic safety regulations by using appropriate signaling and signage.
  • Maintaining accurate street sweeper logs.
  • Supervising street sweeper teams.

Street Sweeper Operator Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Applicable commercial driver’s license.
  • Extensive experience in performing street sweeping operations.
  • Advanced proficiency in operating specialized vehicles and equipment.
  • Safe driving record and advanced driving skills.
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions.
  • Working knowledge of vehicle and standard equipment maintenance.
  • In-depth knowledge of safe operating practices and traffic safety regulations.
  • Proficiency in recordkeeping and incident reporting.
  • Effective communication and team leadership skills.