Supplier quality engineers work in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management to assess quality and ensure all products are free from defects and in compliance with engineering and manufacturing specifications and government standards. They work to resolve any quality issues and provide guidance on process enhancements and improvements.

Supplier Quality Engineer Job Description Template

We are looking for a focused and meticulous supplier quality engineer to join our manufacturing and logistics team. The responsibilities of the supplier quality engineer include securing supplies and parts for the assembly line, reviewing engineering and manufacturing specifications, monitoring materials for any defects, and resolving quality issues.

To be successful as a supplier quality engineer, you should have excellent analytical and technical skills with strong attention to detail. Ultimately, a top-notch supplier quality engineer should have excellent communication and problem-solving skills and an eye for supply quality control.

Supplier Quality Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing our manufacturing specifications to identify materials needed for production.
  • Researching, sourcing, and assessing the best vendors to supply the necessary materials.
  • Visiting vendor facilities and observing the manufacturing environment to review and assess their procedures.
  • Performing regular quality control audits to ensure vendors continue to work in compliance with company and federal standards.
  • Reviewing incoming supplies and products from vendors to check for defects and ensure quality.
  • Conducting tests and assessments on products to identify quality issues.
  • Maintaining detailed reports on supplier quality, including defect rates and areas that result in flaws.
  • Providing technical advice and guidance to suppliers to reduce defect rates.
  • Serving as a liaison between our company’s senior management and the vendors to identify quality issues and come up with solutions.

Supplier Quality Engineer Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, or logistics.
  • Proven experience in manufacturing and in securing vendor contracts.
  • Excellent statistical analysis and quality assurance skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of manufacturing and engineering.
  • Good working knowledge of quality control standards and government compliance.
  • Experience with manufacturing and production processes and engineering principles.
  • Ability to provide guidance to improve process efficiency.
  • Excellent communication and liaison skills.